16 February 2021

A Video Interview with Jacob Balzani Lööv on his exhibition at PhEST

16 February 2021 - Written by Giuseppe Oliverio

The Italian-Swedish photographer comments on his exhibition in Monopoli and the experience at the international photography festival, whose latest edition has counted 150,000 visitors. Thanks to the PHmuseum 2021 Photography Grant another applicant will benefit of this relevant opportunity this summer.

Since 2019 PHmuseum joins forces with PhEST, an independent organisation that produces and curate of the most exciting photography festival in Europe. Together with their team, we identify a work from those presented to the PHmuseum Photography Grant and present it in an individual exhibition at the festival. In 2019, it was Mexican photographer Liza Ambrossio. In 2020, we presented /ustica/, the work of Italian-Swedish photographer Jacob Balzani Lööv.

Last summer I had the pleasure to attend the festival and conduct this interview with Jacob. "To organise the exhibition here in Monopoli - he says - I had many interesting call with Arianna Rinaldo and Giovanni Troilo. It was Giovanni that came up with this very nice idea: “Why don’t we make an Island in the middle of the square?”. The outside circle is basically the landscape, the island of Ustica. When you enter inside instead you find both facts about the history of the island and the history of the tragedy. The two things are effectively separated. I immediately fell in love with the idea and it works great."

Take five minutes to listen to Jacob's experience, learn more about his project, and have an idea of the atmosphere that characterise PhEST. The next edition will happen in August 2021, and you can become part of it by applying to the PHmuseum 2021 Photography Grant.


0 min 19 sec > about /ustica/

1 min 54 sec > about the visual strategy

3 min 35 sec > about the exhibition

4 min 20 sec > about phest

4 min 59 sec > about online opportunties


Stills from the video interviews with Jacob Balzani Lööv on his exhibition at PhEST


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Giuseppe Oliverio

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