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PHmuseum Grants Program is meant to support photographers, discover new projects, and explore the boundaries of contemporary photography.

Since 2012 we have assigned $143,000 in cash prizes and granted 11 exhibitions at international photography festivals. We further partnered with magazines like Vogue Italia and World Press Photo’s Witness who published works from our applicants, and offered educational opportunities with experienced mentors such as Maggie Steber and Fiona Rogers.

Yes, we are organizing an international photography festival! It's called PHmuseum Days, it will happen on 23-26 September 2021 in Bologna, Italy and we are inviting you to become part of it through this open call. We will indeed select at least 2 projects for individual shows, up to 40 images for a collective installation and up to 15 projects for the projections' night. Furthermore, all the applicants will be granted a festival pass for the festival.

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PHmuseum Days 2021 Open Call


May 06


2 solo shows collective installations and much more.


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The PHmuseum Photography Grant has established itself as a leading prize in the industry over the past years, renowned for celebrating the importance of compelling visual storytelling and launching the careers of the younger generation through monetary prizes and various opportunities across international festivals and online media. Previous winners include Diana Markosian, Max Pinckers, Alejandro Chaskielberg, Liza Ambrossio, Jacob Aue Sobol, Nikita Teryoshin and Noelle Mason.


2021 Photography Grant

Winners announced

April 2021


$14,000 in cash prizes and much more



The main prizes are assigned by internationally recognised jurors, while our team reviews all the applications to select the work we show on our channels. Every year we feature 400 photographers on social media, and more than 150 photographers across the website, with many photo editors, curators, and gallerists discovering new projects thanks to this visibility.

Beyond the many opportunities, applying represents an effective way to get inspiration, be self-critical with your work, and improve as a photographer. As former New Generation Prize awardee Alice Mann once told us: "It's just about entering so even if you don’t win anything, you have still benefited. Although this may seem simplistic, it’s really some of the best advice I have ever been given! It's all about continuing to try and continuing to improve."

Below you can find past editions and success stories. These are instead some of the many recognised organisations we partnered with.

Usually I don’t participate in photo contests that often, but here I had not only the feeling that it fits but also liked the idea of the grant, because it directly helps you with the realization of your project and not only gives money for the „best“ piece of work to push photographer’s ego. Like the legendary german punk band „Bluttat“ would say, „Punk means support, no competition!

Nikita Teryoshin, 1st prize recipient 2019 Photography Grant

Personally, it was very nice to get this award because it is a project in which I have been working for 3 years and I think that with this award came in a very important moment. it is very satisfying, professionally it gives you the possibility of having incredible visibility to places never before imagined, it gives you the opportunity to reach new audiences and can show my work and discover photographers around the world.

Fernando Montiel Klint, 3rd prize recipient 2019 Photography Grant

Earlybird Deadline

April 22

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