Grant Editions

2020 Photography Grant

Present your work for £12,000 in cash prizes, plus 3 solo exhibitions, projections at international festivals and much more.

2019 Women Photographers Grant

Natalie Keyssar claims the 1st prize with make Me A Little Miracle while Robin Alysha Clemens the New Generation Prize. See all the results and the judges motivations!

2019 Mobile Photography Prize

A Jury comprised of Erik Kessels, Caroline Hunter, Chiara Bardelli Nonino, and Marcelo Brodsky awarded the Mobile Photo of the Year to the self-portraits taken by Mexican Photographer Alberto Lara.

2019 Photography Grant

His project, Nothing Personal, takes a look at the other side of war – a behind the curtains of global defence business. The New Generation Prize went to Mexican photographer Liza Ambrossio.

2018 Women Photographers Grant

Maria Sturm wins the 1st prize with the project “You Don’t Look Native to me”, which shows excerpts from the lives of young people from around Pembroke, North Carolina, where 89% of the city’s population identifies as Native American.

2018 Photography Grant

Poulomi Basu wins the PHM 2018 Grant Main Prize with her project Centralia. The New Generation Prize goes to Panos Kefalos for Saints, while Bieke Depoorters As It May Be will have a solo show at Cortona On The Move this summer.

2017 Women Photographers Grant

Raphaela Rosella wins the first PHmuseum Women Photographers Grant with You'll Know It When You Feel It, a decade-long project in which she documents the women in her life. See her work and all the awarded projects.

2017 Photography Grant

Salvatore Vitale wins the first prize with How To Secure A Country, a project exploring Switzerland's national security program. See his work and all the awarded projects!

2016 Photography Grant

Danish photographer Rasmus Degnbol wins the main prize with a powerful drone documentation of the European migrants crisis. See his work and all the awarded projects.

2015 Photography Grant

VII Photo photographer Tomas Van Houtryve wins the first prize with an innovative drone photography project. See all the awarded projects!

2014 Photography Grant

Belgian photographers Max Pinckers is awarded the first prize for his iconic work exploring love and marriage in India. See all the winners and mentions.

2013 Photography Grant

A jury presided by Martin Parr awards the first prize to Cihad Caner's Remaining, a project exploring the effects of the Syrian civil war on people and places. See all the awarded projects!

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