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You are at a stage in photography where you would like to have professional feedback on your work and career? Are you looking to improve your projects to apply to grants, exhibit, and get published? Discuss and learn how to continue an ongoing project? Need inspiration to start a new body of work?

PHmuseum Online Education Program offers photographers from around the world, working in all fields, the opportunity to enter into a private online discussion around their work with different mentors. Our mentors are acclaimed professional photographers, curators, editors, designers and/or advisors. They bring you perspective, guidance and helpful counsel.

Select your favourite mentor with whom you can further develop your practice. Define the focus of your session and enter into a private collaboration, other than joining a photography course. Together you can refine your own sense of visual storytelling and push the development of your personal photographic vision.

A 70% of our alumni say the experience was beyond their expectations. Why don’t you try it out yourself?

When I enrolled with the PHmuseum mentorship programme, I had expected a session that would provoke ideas to move my work forward. The feedback I received was provided on a specific body of work, discussing each piece in detail. My experience surpassed my expectations and helped me to develop my work further.

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    Our mentors are all experienced professionals with different interests and expertise. You can search on keywords to find the right match.

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    Once you have selected the mentor, click the Book now button to select your preferred date, time, and language and duration. We offer 60-min portfolio reviews, 4-hour consultancy sessions and 12-hour mentorship programs. You can also leave a note to share your work with the mentor and communicate your goals.

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    Purchase the class and check your inbox. You will receive a confirmation email with the basic info to get in touch with your mentor and the booking details. Your mentor will reach out to you to confirm the date and time of the booked session.

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Why book a class with one of our mentors?


I can tell you that the role of a mentor is absolutely necessary because the photographer, at whatever level, is so emotionally involved in his work that it is really hard, if not impossible, to have an objective vision of the whole. And when you happen to meet a curator able to enter your world and show you your possible way without influencing your point of view it's really helpful. Personally, I had this chance with PHmuseum.

© Mariagrazia Beruffi Fabiola Cedillo

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