Reinis Hofmanis

2012 - 2015

Project "Uguns" (Fire in latvian) involves research into the relationship between fire and those who observe it. Fire and its hypnotic effects on people are present in series.

Quite often the first thing is not to call the fire department, but take a picture or enjoy the fire. Although this is a destructive and damaging phenomenon, it can also bring together people for a process that can in a sense be described as entertainment. This was vividly evident when the Rīga Castle caught fire, with people having their picture taken against the background of the conflagration.

Fire has always been of fundamental importance to civilisations. It provides warmth and light and is of use in cooking food. In the same time fire also has the negative ability of destroying things and killing people. This duality of the good and the evil has encouraged people to control and manage fire. In Christian tradition, fire has symbolised both God (who appears as fire several times in the Old Testament) and the evil of Satan. This once again accents the dual nature of fire, and this idea has been rooted in the collective sub-consciousness of humanity throughout the entire history of the world. The flames have always attracted people where knowingly or unknowingly.

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