Beyond Coral White

Marie Lukasiewicz

2018 - Ongoing

Marie Lukasiewicz's artistic approach questions reality by playing on the ambiguity of a fictional staging. Engaged in a reflection on current environmental issues, in conducting an investigation into the bleaching and destruction of coral reefs and the exploitation of coral in the parapharmaceutical industry. The study of these organisms, which are essential to the balance of nature and yet doomed for extinction, reveals a complex system of interdependence that is beyond our imagination. Inspired by a 17th century engraving by Philippe Galle representing the looting of the seabed, Marie Lukasiewicz questions perpetual and enduring behavior despite the ecological emergency. She articulates her research through several mediums - photography, video, sound recordings and object exhibitions - and confronts the viewer with a contradictory universe, endowed with regenerative and destructive capacities, both ultra-realistic and artificial. She holds out a mirror to us to question our habits of consumption and self-medication, our beliefs and hopes and the actions that result from them. The minimalist, aseptic and dreamlike aesthetic of his images parallels artistic practice and scientific research, both driven by strong determination and an unlimited capacity for projection.

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