El paraíso es cuando algo esta roto-Paradise is when something is broken

Ramiro Flores Beltrán

2017 - Ongoing

The human is defined not by love nor by fear. Animals are capable of loving and very capable of feeling fear, both feelings inhabit them in a primitive way. The human, unlike them, understands both feelings, understands the state in which they leave them. It is not the fear of death that makes us move, we are all going to die eventually and it is something that we have assimilated in one way or another, and love is not the highest expression of humanity, it is not the final goal.

What defines the human being, in my opinion, is the fear of not living, the fear of wasting our only chance. Human existence is therefore full of doubts, here is that human suffering is to be alive, the fear of living motivates us to leave a mark, something that shows that we exist.

My photos are moments where I felt alive, they are traces of feelings lost in the routine of the day, residual feelings that have made me slow down, but they are also lies, lies that I tell myself to feel that I am doing things right. I take photos to lie to myself that I am living, to distract those doubts that may appear that what I am doing is worth it.

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