And it felt like a kiss

Zora Kuettner

2019 - Ongoing

You can be vulnerable at your strongest. A slap can feel like a kiss, and a kiss can feel like you've been hit. You can be brave when you're weak, and weak if you hide behind bravery. It depends what it's costing you. I asked my subjects to express vulnerability or strength when I was shooting them. The funny thing was after shooting, you couldn't tell which photos reflected which, because it's subjective.

What do our bodies position read- as strong or vulnerable? Do our eyes look innocent and lost or do our gazes hold strength.

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  • Will I stop you in your tracks?

  • With your arm around me

  • And it felt like a kiss

  • Strengthen your grip

  • Hold on tight

  • Heart up

  • Do you grasp the situation?

  • You'll say you lost me