Carnage strip

Zisis Kardianos

2013 - Ongoing

West Greece, Greece

"Carnage Strip" documents through the oblique eye of a street photographer the pleasures and terrors of night-life debauchery in the infamous Laganas resort in Zakynthos, Greece. The series takes its name from "Carnage" events of binge drinking and a host of other fanciful repertoire of excessive behavior. "Carnage" events first started in England but they were soon adapted as entertainment highlights in many tourist resorts across Europe that are flooded by English teenagers during the summer. Laganas is one of the most attractive destinations for a particular segment of English, Serbian and Italian young holiday-makers who seek these sorts of indulgences. The main strip of Laganas, for the most part full of bars, dancing clubs and junk food eateries, is bustling with a colorful, vibrant, dazed and pretty stoned crowd every night until early morning hours.

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