Yulong Zhou


“Finding the One” artist statement:

Both my parents and grandparents had told about their experiences of witnessing dragon and strange astronomic as kids. These things became part of my childhood memory which I still hold onto deeply. I believe there are some kind of lives and energy that are beyond human existence. They are totems which evolved into symbols throughout thousands of years. Whereas modern science , under the coverage of logic, made every one of us a superstitious bystander. Truth is like an enormous broken flower fading on earth. How do these incidents relate to casual bystanders? The mystery of these beliefs is best understood by peasants, who have intermingled with the land and nature for thousands of years. But are they still there, or are they hidden in a secret way? This is what I have been looking for. It is unique and belongs to everyone. As Nietzsche wrote in “Also sprach Zarathustra”: “You and I even in the mountains we seek something different. I came here to seek more safety, because it is still the strongest tower and will”.

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