Eternal return

Xtabay Alderete

2020 - Ongoing

It is an essay on the effects of confinement during the pandemic, in which I am the main character.

I decided to face the beginning of the catastrophe in my apartment in Mexico City: alone. During three months in exile, I reflected within it on the possibilities of creation in such a small space; 45 m2, on a third floor, which includes a living room, a bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, with windows that overlook the interior of the property. In my imagination I felt on an apocalyptic mission, I became obsessed with food, ghosts and my only vision outside: a gray wall.

From the fourth month, worried about my mental health and the effects of the hecatomb, I decided to reestablish human contact with my family. I returned to Tetelco, my hometown.

I never imagined going back to the nest, reestablishing coexistence with my memory, my father's legacy, the love of my mother and my sister.

It is here where I realize the phenomenon, which Vilém Flusser mentions "magic is the existence of a world of eternal return". Starting from the indexical, objects, rituals, what hurts and my childhood, this series is the product of my obsession with photography and contact with the world through metacode, memories and the implausible.

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  • Eternal return, way

  • Eternal Return, Virgin

  • Eternal Return, totem

  • Eternal Return, suspended

  • Eternal Return, signs

  • Eternal Return, radiance

  • Eternal Return, like a tree

  • Eternal Return, Enola

  • Eternal Return, Memory

  • Eternal Return, embankment

  • Eternal return, falling clouds

  • Eterno Retorno, fantasma

  • Eternal Return, nest

  • Eternal Return, Hole

  • Eternal Return, Goddess of the forest

  • Eternal Return, trace