José Diniz



The project resulted in several series, and for each one was produced an artist's

photobooks handcrafted by the photographer himself, being limited to 15 copies each book.

The present series Terra Roxa was totally printed on paper "Kraft" that is a

paper made in raw wood presenting the images of the region of the cerrado and

the manmade interferences.

TERRA ROXA was exhibited:

• Gallery of the Atelie da Imagem in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 (Brazil)

• Arcimboldo Gallery in Buenos Aires in 2016 (Argentina)

• American Museum of Arts in Washington in 2016 (USA)

• Caixa Cultural Center in Rio de Janeiro in 2017 (Brazil)

• In November 2017 will be exhibited at the Sertão Photography Festival in

Bahia (Brazil)

It was acquired for several collections in Brazil, Argentina and the United States.

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