A revolution of stardust

yvette monahan

2018 - Ongoing

A revolution of stardust

After my daughter was born in 2016, everything changed.

Childbirth felt like a cosmic shift, it was both a primal and esoteric experience.

Longer periods in the domestic setting created a new domestic seeing.

Circles and spirals appeared everywhere.

I started drawing circles using everyday items as props.

Then I started seeing cosmic images throughout the house and in our surrounds.

Scientists say that 97% of our bodies consist of the same kind of atoms as stardust. Some of our bodies originated from the Big Bang, so we are made from dying stars. Joni Mitchell was right, we are stardust and we are golden.

Part of the shift was also due to physical constraints, it was necessary to construct a new way of working. The other part was my state of mind, a new zoomed in vision. I still don't understand this new state but I know that I am forever transformed.

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