Women Fur and Wood

Yvonne Steiger

2019 - Ongoing

I startet the series after I took the portrait of my 93 old neighbour Carmen. When I put her old fashioned fur coat she wished to wear for our shooting around her shoulders something special happend to her: She went back to the old times, when she was Queen Mam of our little village just by being the wife of the mayor. The wood is essential here because we heat our houses with it and it gives dignity and as I realized and some sort of elegance to the women. Angelica was the wife of Christer Stroemholm. She a photographer too went with her old fur coats and woods to a more shaman world. Joanne just wore her wood and fur as she would visit Dorothy Parker and Francoise just stepped in some sort of eternal soul pain and physical exaltation. The cat is real. He comes always at the very best moments into my set.

Women Wood and Fur: The women wear their old fur coats and each of them changed attidude the moment she wore it.

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