Dream Moons

Yurian Quintanas

2015 - 2020

"Yurian Quintanas shows us a pathophysical photography that he has already practiced in other works such as Silent Rooms, where he imagined the life of his home when he is not there. Pataphysics is, according to its inventor, the surrealist Alfred Jarry, the science of imaginary solutions. In the pathaphysical universe everything is abnormal and extraordinary. The rule that rules is the exception to the exception. The term is a contraction of the Greek "Epí ta metá te physiká" and refers to everything that is beyond physics." (Carles Mercader, director of La Nuu festival)

To make this project I imposed myself one rule, all the photographs had to be made within the limits of my house. From this single guideline, I first began to photograph the spaces, then the domestic objects and finally their inhabitants. But as I was accumulating images, I felt the need to transform all that palpable and evident reality, to adapt it to my speech, and thus speak not only about the tangible but also about what we do not see.

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