Yuliya Pavlova

2019 - 2020

In this project, I approach the problem of woman identity and patriarchy. I was born in Tatarstan, a region within the Russian Federation where most of the people follow Islam. My father always told me that the most important thing for a woman was to get married. I grew up silently haunted by that , concern. At the age of twenty-two I got married and finally divorced last year after 10 years of marriage.

I employ Shurale – an anthropomorphic creature from Tatar mythology – as a symbol of the patriarchal traditions that moulded me. I search for him in the mazes of my mind. He hides deep inside me, but I am decided to remove layer by layer, take off mask after mask. I look up at the sun and I get covered with his gold. His light cast away my fears and brings the harmony I need. I seek trust. The main question I ask myself is: could I totally extirpate Shurale from me?

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