The Wind



The wind, a non-materializable phenomenon that releases invisible energy, inspired me from the beginning the following four words

“The fool“,


"Thorns in the desert"

"Near death".

The sense of "the fool" here comes from the tarot card number 0, which includes both the meaning of freedom, impulsiveness and the beginning of everything.

While "Exile" for me symbolizes desperate and unplanned migration, a non-hedonistic journey.

Here "the thorns in the desert" is held as a metaphor for 'fighting the world in difficult conditions', which predicts suffering and struggle, but also expresses the will.

And “Near death” denotes ignorance, indifference and calm that when everything becomes nothing, and you are out of the world already lost.

I think they are the four phases that the wind has to go through in sequence, starting from nowhere, flying freely, crashing into thorns in the desert, frustrating, dormant and returning to nothingness.

The wind is very similar to me, or it must be said that I dream of becoming the wind, clear, never hibernating, independent of the world, and only passing by the world. The call of the world I hear comes from the things and people I love.

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