A Country Boy Cant Survive

Fred Mitchell

2007 - Ongoing

United States; Alabama, United States; Las Vegas, Nevada, United States; Tennessee, United States; Nashville, Tennessee, United States; Birmingham, Alabama, United States; Florence, Alabama, United States; Muscle Shoals, Alabama, United States; El Paso, Texas, United States; Athens, Alabama, United States

Informed by the impermanence of time, I see meaning and metaphor all around me and feverishly attempt to convey the hopelessness and wonder through the permanence of images.

A Country Boy Can’t Survive celebrates the great and terrible beauty of human existence amid the vulnerability of the universal, timeless uncertainty. Neither a document nor a solitary declaration; it is a communion of a variety emotions, instances and subjects, whose collective magnitude express a sense of place and intimacy. This place both real and remembered, is inhabited by cast of loved ones portraying themselves in a homemade myth.

These pictures espouse a world eternally vibrating with significance.

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