Yasmine Hatimi

2017 - Ongoing

It's been some time now that I've wanted to talk about youth, and more specifically Moroccan youth.

The Morocco of tomorrow will depend on the youth of today.

I started my project with a series I called "the new romantics" in this series of photographs, I present portraits of young Men whom I ask to pose with flowers of their own choosing, and so, in a completely symbolic manner, I try to invoke sensitivity and romanticism where one would think it would not exist.

In realizing these portraits, I came to know a certain youth - A youth that thirsts for freedom, and love, with a great sense of humor, a unique sense of syle, and solidarity, but also a youth in distress.

We are all subject to etiquette, to roles others have chosen for us, determined by our gender/sex, origins, culture or religion.

My idea to present men with flowers was also a way to address the stereotypes that imprison us , as Woman or man and in certain societies more than others..I wanted to address this with a lot of levity, in a manner marked by playfulness and naivete.

It was important to me to reveal faces far from the clichés and the stereotypes, to discover a masculine youth that was diverse, not one with a single facet. The softness is there, one just has to look for it

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