Yasmine Hatimi

2019 - Ongoing

The butterfly hunt is looking in the Moroccan male youth exploring the concept of manhood in a society where religion, tradition, social environment and education policy impose it's rule.

By taking the subject out of his social context into a face to face neutral territory hoping to find a moment of complicity where the exchange can be less and of better quality revealing the unknown facets of youth, in its fragility and unsuspected sensitivity, which they are most the time unaware of, unlocking the entrenchment beliefs in which they been sealed.

Why men ?

In an unequal society, where woman struggle to find it's place, it is essential to engage in a dialogue in order to find common ground.

Through this work, I would like to break the stereotypes that we have in our collective subconscious of Moroccan /Maghrebian man. Looking for a visual alternative, breaking the stereotypes by highlighting the complexity and diversity that does exist in our present societies.

This is an ongoing project that will take several years to explore and accomplish

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