Yasmine Hatimi

2013 - 2020

Amarcord means "I remember" in Italian dialect. This is significant because my work is about memories, nostalgia and the forgotten. In other words: the past.

I percieve these photographs as little poems. I leave some room for them to evoacte.

Time passes, instants are ephemeral and what is left is only a memory replaced by others.

an abandoned space, isolated, can make us jump backwards into our lives, back towards a certain time. The smell of a room, objects unchanged, traces of a past that once existed but is now forgotten.

Everything has fallen, execept for the table and the curtain. Everything has changed. Some people died,others were born, life has passed, but the room is still there, year after year and no one came back.

With this project, it's as if I've returned to the attic of my childhood, plunging once more into the memories waiting to be found under a light blanket of dust.

as I entered these abandoned spaces, the sounds of the pas resurfaced, creating an atmosphere of total emptiness. I heard laughter, debate, arguments, children running..LIFE.

I collect memories . I travel into the past through spaces and testimonies. This work is a way of reviving totally abandoned spaces, of resurrecting the people who are no longer there, and of remembering; an exploration through the memories of an bygone era, reviving a distant past.

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  • When I showed the photo of what was left of this room to Fatema, she immediately had tears in her eyes as she remembered the year of her high school diploma, her carefree attitude, her friend, her youth and a whole life ahead of her.
    So many things have happened since...
    The archive photo is one of Fatema during her high school year.

  • Maria is still very young, but she remembers a few moments of her childhood in this house in the countryside, yet another house that has seen so many generations pass by.
    The archive photo is of her grandparents, much younger than when she knew them, a testament to their eternal love cut short by her grandfather's death.

  • Omar evoked a very distressing period of time, this living room unfortunately did not remind him of good memories, where in the midst of the "years of lead" in Morocco, his mother was imprisoned.
    We found an archive image in this same living room, which has remained largely intact.

  • Malika is a 90 year old woman, I had the chance to photograph the house where she was born, memories of her father are still very much present.
    The archive photo is of her father.

  • Hassan told me an anecdote when he saw the photo, it reminded him of memories with his cousin who just died this summer .
    An archive image of him and his cousins near the famous location I photographed.

  • Aicha told me the story of this house that has spanned several generations. I visited the house a few years ago. I had remained intact and entering it immediately took us back to another era.
    The chosen archive photo corresponds to an image with all the cousins gathered on this famous farm.

  • Zahra remembers her youth, she spent a lot of time at her grandparents place.
    She used to smoke in secret in this place that I found and photographed
    The archive image corresponds to Zahra during her youth