Published on 17th February 2017

La casa que sangra II Broken Roots.

  • Empty.
    Luz & Me at home.Taxco Guerrero México.

  • The house that bleeds
    (self portrait with my daughter and apresence of a hanging man) Guerrero Mexico

  • Falling down
    Itzel playing in the funeral of his uncle Javier Granda. Who Died at jail, he was 26 years old. At the police department of Iguala Guerrero. The police department declared that the cause of the death was suicide, but in his body he had marks of violence and injuries.

  • slaugther house.
    The trompi working at the slaughterHouse. Acapulco Guerrero. He has one missing brother. But his family decided not to filed their case with the PGR (Attorney General’s Office). Acapulco Guerrero.

  • Trail of skin
    Leather chaps of Jose Angel Campos Cantor. One of the 43 missing students of Ayotzinapa.Tixtla Guerrero, Mexico

  • Shadow of Sandra Granda at home in Taxco Guerrero Mexico. In 2013 three of my brother in-law died. After these events I began documenting my family and tried to capture the psychological and emotional breakdown caused by the loss of a family member.

  • Broken .
    Digno Cruz (My father-in-law) was crying at home while he was talking about his missing grandsons. Guerrero Mexico

  • Ruined house
    Ruined house in the comunity of Santiago Temixco, Guerrero Mexico

  • Family heart
    photos on the wall of Perla Granda's bedroom of her missing

  • The call
    Lucero Granda taking the call where her mother tell her that her brother was killed, at Iguala Guerrero

  • Red cocoon
    Bedroom of the Cruz's family in the community of Santiago Temixco, Guerrero Mexico.

  • wrapped child
    Itzel Martínez (my daughter) after taking a shower in home in Taxco Guerrero.She is 6 years old

  • Machete in the bedroom of my grandfather in law Digno Cruz in the community on Santiago Temixco, Guerrero Mexico.

  • Itzel Martinez playing at grandparents house in the comunity of Santiago Temixco. Guerrero Mexico.

  • Hanging seed.
    Hanging seeds of beans in Digno Cruz home in the community of Santiago Temixco.Guerrero Mexico. In the community of Santiago Temixco Most of the people are farmers who grow corn, beans and others vegetables.

  • Blood Moon

  • Evaporated water in the house of the Granda´s Family. Guerrero Mexico

  • Tears
    Lucero Granda (my wife) taking a shower at home. Taxco Guerrero Mexico.

  • Dried roots of Cactus on a wall in the comunity of Tixtla Guerrero Mexico.

  • Burning man
    Shadow of a person in a wall in the comunity of Metlatonoc Guerrero

  • Abel & Sandra Granda at home in Taxco Guerrero México

  • The funeral
    Remains of flowers that were in the van that transported us to the funeral of Javier Granda. in thr comunity of Santiago Temixco, Guerrero, Mexico

  • The dark root
    Itzel Martinez playing at her grandparents home in the comunity of Santiago Temixco, Guerrero Mexico

  • The bather
    Itzel Martinez (my daughter) taking a bath at home. Guerrero Mexico

    • Explicit Content
  • A crime scene
    (self-portrait) Zautla Mexico.
    After the loss of my brother-in-law. I Try to represent symbolically his death and the death of many people in Guerrero because of organized crime.

La casa que sangra II Broken Roots.

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