Wild Dwelling

xuan zheng

2019 - Ongoing

China; United Kingdom

With the development of urbanization, people gradually get lost in the dazzling steel forest. Surrounded human-made objects create an obscured appearance in which people are easily losing sight of the boundary between reality and illusion. We feel at ease in modern life with sufficient resources and even try to build a fake vision of nature in our city life, making an illusion in which people perceive a simulative environmental image.

Sufficient resources from the earth are available easily by the urban experience. The influence of every small and instant behavior in our life continuously evolves our earth to an unexpected stage. Based on my observation, the ecological collapse happens not only in the wild that forests change to deserts, glaciers thaw, or elsewhere that are distant from our daily life. On the contrary, the thawing of each piece of ice, the death of each plant, each used napkin tissue, and the wastage of each drop of water...they all accumulated are altering the earth we rely on survival.

In this project, I merge the indoor objects and nature to search the balance between ecology and urban life. My project is also devoted to exploring the frame of the environment we desire through the blurred boundary between the environment and human. The perspective that I want to share with the viewer is a concern for the ecosystem and to value every moment and place we are surrounded with.

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