2018 - 2019

The frist idea came to me due to a trip came to my homeland-China, for the Chinese New Year with my families. As a people who live far away from home 6 years, I felt my intimate people who I love and knew the best have been shaped somehow. Maybe becasue they are my loved people so I`m more sentitive with thier transformation and also the distance made me able to see it. but soon I realize the transformation is happenig everywhere, also on myself. we still have our life with this transformed body, eating, drinking, as before. but different then before. what have shaped them, what have shaped me? and where are we going by this shaped body~ what gonna be shaped next?Then I started to portray the figure around me as a base, and paint the images in my mind out about this World by PS,and named it “Wonderland”, it is a organic world. hard to say it have been born after ours, or even already exit at another parallel universe, and just recently cast images upon our mind.

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