Boys Don't Cry

Xanthe Hutchinson

2020 - Ongoing

For this project I explore the liminality both of adolescence and the trans body.

Increasingly, we have as a society begun to shift our understanding of gender. The trans body typifies change but is at odds with it in equal measure; the paradox of being in a state of constant flux.

In response to this, the series visually examines a conscious departure from binaries and the idea of inhabiting the liminal spaces between. The duality of light and dark, good and evil, male and female, nature and artifice is unpicked but most of all our sense of right and wrong.

The series imparts a microcosmic view of trans embodiment. It presents the viewer with a multiplicity of gazes and asks them to choose their own way of seeing.

I chose to photograph my 14 year old trans son as a way of processing these seismic shifts, the photographs represent not only his statelessness in the face of this process but my own too.

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