Wei Weng

2015 - 2021

About Labyrinth

In the West, the theme of self discovery runs thick in the coming-of-age genre consumed by teens, dominated by tales of epic journeys that hinges on the alienation of feeling estranged to one’s own home. To leave home and live without disguise is an unthinkable task for the teenage mind deprived of validation. To step into the threshold of adulthood is to somehow acquire the patience and skills to disentangle from this facade.

My own coming-of-age is strewn over the navigation of geography and new customs. I am myself no stranger to the feeling of estrangement as my family relocated to a different country every four years since childhood. Now I live in Copenhagen and I find myself trekking along the inconceivable path of motherhood, renegotiating my potential while navigating my young sons’ ability to adapt to life in a foreign country.

My namesake project explores notions of estrangement living in foreign homes, taking inspiration from Labyrinth, the 1986 movie starring David Bowie. I collect scenes from everyday phenomenons that ferries between alienation and discovery.

Inside this Labyrinth I reach for the handle that turns back a ticking clock. I record beastly encounters and magical thinking that prevails in everyday life, living in a home far away from home.

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