There's Worse Things Than Being Alone

Whitten Sabbatini

2013 - 2014

These photographs of strangers are made in public spaces throughout Memphis, Tennessee while either walking, biking, or driving around. The Memphis Metropolitan area is known locally as the Mid-South, but culturally, it is more associated with the Deep South. I am interested in the contemporary Southern landscape and the people that live in these areas. This series of images, “There's Worse Things Than Being Alone,” serves as my way of becoming familiar with this new city. While searching for photographs, I pay close attention to architecture, automobiles, colors, and clothing that I believe to be interesting. For a brief moment, I am able to indulge in the stories, passions, and interior dramas of the people I meet. This work is a collaboration between myself and the sitter. I often respond intuitively, and the photograph becomes the product of my encounter. My goal is to portray my vision of the American South, one that is poetic, weighty, and all together beautiful.

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