The Wei River is vast

Pan Wang

2016 - 2019

When we stop talking about our hometown and memory, the Weihe River is only a river after all. It has been running for thousands of years, carrying the 5000 year history of the Chinese nation and the stories that can not be traced back. With the sand flowing through the unknown distance, it's related to you if you go away.

In the history of human development, the Weihe River, like the Nile in ancient Egypt, the Ganges in ancient India and the Arabian River in Babylon, is the earliest paradise for human beings. It is said that the three emperors, the ancestors of the Chinese nation, were all born in the Weihe River Basin. Fuxi was born in Tianshui in the upper reaches of the Weihe River. Yandi originated in Baoji (Chencang) area in the middle reaches of the Weihe River. Huangdi rose in the vast area in the lower reaches of the Weihe River. The cradle of Chinese civilization is in the Weihe River basin with superior natural conditions.

Weihe River, formerly known as Weishui River, is the largest tributary of the Yellow River. It originates from the bird and mouse mountain in Weiyuan County, Dingxi City, Gansu Province, crosses the eastern part of Gansu Province and the central part of Shaanxi Province, and flows into the Yellow River in Tongguan county.

I have always been in awe of the Weihe River. When I was a child, I often asked my mother a common question: where did I come from? She always said with a smile: "one year, the Yu River was flooded, and everyone went to the river to catch the rafters floating from the upstream. At this time, a wooden basin came, and there was a cry inside. When your father heard it, he pulled the basin with an iron hook to see if it was a baby or a niuniuwa, that's you."

Young heart with this answer slowly grow up, although know not credible, but the Weihe River has occupied a position in my heart. The Yu River, as my mother said, is the Wei River. Yu River comes from the book of mountains and seas: in the mountains where birds and mice share the same acupoint, the Wei River comes out. It is said that Da Yu chiseled birds and mice to guide the Wei River out of the mountains. In the Weihe River Basin, from Weiyuan at the source of the upper reaches, to Tianshui at the middle reaches, and then to Baoji at the lower reaches, many people on both sides of the Weihe River Basin call the Weihe River "Yu River".

When we were young, every summer, some young people who went swimming in the river were drowned in the Weihe River, and adults would scare the children: as long as they went to the Weihe River, some water ghosts would drag the children into the water, or some big fish would become elite. If they were not obedient, they would throw them into the Weihe River to feed the fish. They spoke in a methodical way, and their young hearts would be more timid. Until now, as long as you walk into the water, you can still flash such aphorisms.

It takes about 20 minutes to get to Xinfeng Weihe bridge by bicycle from my hometown. But in those days, it took a day for a teenager to walk back and forth. I can recall now that in the age of earning credits, all adults carried behind the shovel hoe to repair the dam and left me behind. The eel and fish brought back from the Weihe River gave me a good vision of the river.

Every summer, there are teenagers drowning in the river. Their parents will count them to me with their fingers. Naturally, the Weihe River has become a taboo place for teenagers. However, in the trend of curiosity, when we were young, we decided to skip class and go to explore the Weihe River. When we left, we took two cold steamed buns and garlic sprouts from the roadside. When we came home, we brought a few small fish and a small bundle called "Mao" After that, I never went to the Weihe River. I didn't have a chance to visit my hometown until my middle age.

The Weihe River Bridge is still in existence. Idle fishermen gather in the river channel formed by sand digging. There are more family cars coming and going along the expanded riverbank road. People walk with fans in summer. Snack stands and outdoor dance halls are full of well-dressed contemporary farmers. Live broadcast, singing and blowing people are scattered along the road in piles. Under the long disrepair Xinfeng Weihe River Bridge, busy workers are repairing and strengthening, and several farmers with small dogs chasing rabbits get nothing

Familiar scenes and local sounds, unfamiliar inner distance. Sigh at all these changes, when I was young, I tried every means to get rid of my hometown and get rid of the shackles of my elders, but now I try to come back and reintegrate in my own way. Even if it's hard to leave my hometown, there will always be a time to return. Beijing, the capital, has not been able to cover up the rustic atmosphere of my humble family. I'm still me. I just see myself more clearly than I did when I started. I have a camera in my hand.

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