Fearless Dreams: to fall, to fly, to be free

Viviana Torres-Mestey

2016 - Ongoing

When we dream, we access the unconscious mind, creating a secret language that only we understand because we give it a personal meaning. It is our chance to get in touch with our best fantasies, as well as our worst nightmares. What I find more fascinating about dreams is that in them we challenge what is possible and let our creative side free. It is no wonder why surrealist artists aim to tap into that unconsciousness, to create bodies of work in an art movement that gives us alternative realities and dreamlike imagery for us to interpret and wonder.

With the photographic project “Fearless Dreams: to fall, to fly, to be free” I immerse myself in the study of surrealism creating a series of self-portraits. I try to challenge reality and imagination using tools from surrealism to create a photographic project within my niche. With that I manage to create a visual language, a linguistic tool to communicate what we interpret from our subconscious. In this project, I combine self-portraiture and photomontage with surrealism to work on images about dreams, inspired by vision of new realms of surrealist’s landscapes or empty spaces with unrelated subjects. Ultimately, I want to use a visually rich body of work inspired by the images in my unconscious mind, so that the viewers can reflect upon their own dreams, where the impossible and illogical can happen. These fantasy "dreamscapes" I have created became a “safe place” for my “self” to fly, fall and be free.

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