Published on 17th April 2018


  • Cabin, Kazanlak, 2015, Bulgaria.

  • A young farmer cultivated piglets, dressed in the colors of the Bulgarian flag.
    Nicolaevo town, 2015, Bulgaria.

  • Mount Chipka, balkan mountain, 2015, Bulgaria.

  • Camera woman in a restaurant during Roma Baptism Stara Zagora, 2013, Bulgaria.

  • Millitary man wearing an antibacterial suit, in the tavern of the house.
    Dolno Panicherevo village, 2016, Bulgaria.

  • Bridal decorated with banknotes, village Svoboda, Bulgaria, 2016.

  • Retired military with his weapon, Smoljan 2016, Bulgaria.

  • Behind the scenes of the opera, Stara Zagora, 2015, Bulgaria.

  • Woman taking care of her old mother during Christmas, Stara Zagora, 2016, Bulgaria.

  • Captain of the reserve wearing a millitary uniform during communist regime, in the cellar of his home.Stara Zagora city, 2014, Bulgaria.

  • During a reconstitution of the Bulgarian revolution against Turkish ottamania, Mount Chipka 2015, Bulgaria.

  • Signboard:Fitness Room, Stara Zagora, 2016, Bulgaria.

  • Former student in her classroom of an abandoned school in Northern Bulgaria - Bardarski geran,
    the most poorest region in Bulgaria, 2015.

  • Herbalist woman at home, Stara Zagora city, 2016, Bulgaria.

  • Brothers working in agriculture in their office, Stara Zagora, 2016, Bulgaria.

  • « Arogant scintist » he calls himself so .Ex cheimistry student at home works actually in the ortodox church , Stara Zagora, Bulgaria 2017.

  • "Manager" of the distillery of brandy, Ostra Mogila, 2016, Bulgaria.

  • Rescue Diver after diving in the waters, on the feast of the 6 January , 2017 Sofia, Bulgaria.

  • Housework behind the kitchen,Stara Zagora 2015,Bulgaria.

  • House facade in Nicolaevo town, 2016, Bulgaria.


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