Grannies of the mountain

Vladimir Karamazov

2019 - 2020


These women live in a village at an altitude of 2700 m. Among the fresh air, chokeberries grow there. Freedom lives there. These women are accustomed to the beauty around them. But this beauty, the sights and sounds of nature has also made them beautiful people. Kind and helpful, they will always find the time to speak to a stranger. After gathering the chokeberries, they make their way down to the city to sell them and when they’ve done that, they go back up to their home. High in the mountains. Where higher beauty lives.

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  • Grannies of the mountain

  • The grandmother's little house

  • The view from the small house at sunrise

  • Morning in the mountains

  • Grandmother's calf

  • The neighbors

  • the sheep of the neighbors

  • The better neighbor

  • Depth in the eyes

  • One had already flown away

  • Тhe place awaiting them