Through touch.

Victoria Viprada Balaban

2020 - Ongoing

Chişinău, Moldova

Tactile and physical communication between people, both family and friends, has become lately a new uncomfortable issue, as well as a subject of reflection and observation. Longing for sensorial and tactual sensations, encourages dreaming and fantasizing while trying to find alternate emotions and touchable feelings.

The work for these series was done in different periods of time and various locations. Both humans and nature inspired me. Eye contact, dialogue and interconnection with one’s own body, a stone, a tree barks texture, the moss on the branches – symbols and metaphors of aliveness and essentialness.

“The Natural” in touch with the human, seem to inhibit the void of regular physical communication. While an isolated person, lives with accustomed past tactile sensations. Manipulating with natural morning fog and studio smoke, I try to create an absolutely ethereal atmosphere with the main focus on the body and physicality.

My intention was to create a series of works that will allow making the visible – perceptible. Also, sensing the question, whether physical – sensuous visual image, can replace real tactile experiences, during times when people are limited in their freedom of interaction.

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