Cotton Candy

Marta Viola

2019 - 2020

Cotton Candy was born long before I knew it. I wanted to give voice to something that struggled to materialize, because it moved slowly. Every time I started to think about the experience of the body, I touched hypersensitive points and could go no further. So I open myself to encounter and dialogue with other women, I wanted to go beyond my own experience to understand that of others and find myself in the narratives.

The body is not an entity isolated from the world in which it moves. I wondered about the terms “defective” and “unproductive” and about the induction to be necessarily performing. Despite the great awareness I couldn’t understand why we don’t feel good in a changing body.

Physical change is an inevitable event over time, but it can also happen drastically.

Above all, here the detachment arise, the require process is very rapid but the emotional content is proportionally vast. If we were to think and define our bodily identity in a way that is more in keeping with reality, the feeling of detachment from what is called normality would perhaps be different.

But this concept of reality is not complete until discourses are developed that take into account the facets that colour the female identity.

The perspective on a woman's body is always filtered by the male gaze to the point of becoming the dominant socio-cultural thought. The discomfort for a body that is no longer functional arises from the failure to meet environmental expectations.

What does a body actually want for itself, beyond what it should want?

Thus a narration of imposing pre-established meanings emerges even in those who thought they were free of it with repercussions worthy of being seen.

I would like my visual research present here to generate a process of liberation and opening with respect to the definition of itself.

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