what once was is long gone

Viktoria Binges

2018 - Ongoing

London, England, United Kingdom; Budapest, Hungary; Bohinj, Slovenia

I had a brain surgery on the 4th June 2018. I had found out from a letter sent to me by the hospital that I have meningioma, a brain tumour on my right optic nerve just 3 weeks before my surgery. It was a shock and doing this project helped me get through it. I found beauty on my journey and shot my pictures while I've been half blind.

It's an ongoing project till I recover. I'm planning landscape photographs to express the memory and trauma my body had from the surgery.

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  • Bad News

  • Shared pain

  • Choose Life

  • Berried

  • There's a me “before my brain surgery” and “after.”

  • Half Blinded

  • Summer of 2018

  • Clouds from above

  • Walking on Water

  • Long Gone

  • What's ahead