A Day In Life: RENATA

Victoria Shabad

2018 - Ongoing

Moscow, Russia

"A Day In Life"

This project for me is not just different series of photographs arranged together. This is my attempt to show the nature of the people photographed by using somewhat natural positions for them, showing their character and the way they interact with one another, showing who they are and how I see them. They are just like me, or you, or anyone else, they are real people, who have a life, different problems and habits, which they might like or dislike. This projects is a way for me to allow for you to see these people as I see them, to show you what i see in them.

Renata. Someone I met, and instantly felt the crazy energy behind the beauty. She is not just a pretty face, she is smart and mischievous, she knows how to party, but loves her job. She can't stay in one place for more than a second, she moves, jumps, dances and brings a face to the phrase "joie de vivre"

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