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vicky burling

2018 - Ongoing

An ongoing project mapping areas in the UK where significant brothel raids have taken place and the stories associated with them.

Over the last ten years there has been a shift in the sex industry moving from newspaper adverts and cards in phone boxes to online escort ads and agencies, pop up brothels in suburban areas and holiday resorts to apps where you can literally order a prostitute to your door.

This relatively new digital landscape where porn and porn addiction is rapidly increasing sees 1 in 5 British men paying for sex, with 25-34 year olds most likely to use these services.

The sex trade is making more money than ever and human trafficking is increasing every year as well as underage grooming and the exploitation of vulnerable women in order to deal with this demand.

Although illegal in the UK, Police are struggling to cope with the ever growing number of brothels opening and often have to turn a blind eye except in the biggest cases.

In this booming industry largely controlled by and for the advantages of men, thousands of women are being forced into unpaid work and systematic abuse in neighbourhoods up and down the country leaving the public and the police with next to no knowledge of what is going on behind closed doors.

I am currently working on another project alongside this one based on gender based speech and violence on online porn sites and the affect this has on young peoples relationships.

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