"The process of searching, searching for identity" Part IV

Viacheslav Kabanov

2011 - 2012

"The process of searching, searching for identity" series.

Probably, this is one of the sharpest questions that any person encounters in this world. Wherefore, only by finding yourself and your calling in life you can perceive harmony and start living at full capacity. No one can do the labor of searching for you, only a direction can be offered, but weather it is right or wrong, will it lead you to the verity – nobody knows. We ourselves have to go through one passage after another. Many of us spend whole lives in continuous state of searching fated to wander eternally in abyss of self consciousness.

This project is the attempt to expose how the search of searching occurs over the wandering throughout self consciousness and sub consciousness.

Who am I? What is my personality and is it one and only. How to identify myself in this world?

These are the series of questions that hunt me and others as well… The most complex pathway is the one that leads to yourself, the most laborious process is the process of perceiving yourself as a person and verifying your place in the system of our universe. How to start this difficult search? Our lives are just so short that sometimes there is simply just not enough time to commence the search, not even talking about stepping on to the path and walking it down…

This series of photographs is an attempt to transmit inner state, inner hesitations in the process of searching the search of the pathway. After all before searching for the path you need to understand where to begin the search from. We are not dealing with a physical matter, it cannot be seen in a literally meaning of the word – it all exists at the level of eternal perceptions.

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