From the Window

Vincent Dupont-Blackshaw

2015 - Ongoing

Tokyo, Japan; Warsaw, Masovian Voivodeship, Poland; Sandown, England, United Kingdom; Paris, Île-de-France, France; San Francisco, California, United States

Focused on the opportunity the window provides to the viewer and the source of light they give, this series explores how the light becomes an opening to the outside world, providing a personal passage between inside and outside which is unique to each of us. The window becomes a call to travel metaphorically, a promise of somewhere else.

Using my own window on the world, my camera, I explore this narrative through scenes taken from around the world: Isle of Wight, Paris, San Francisco, Tokyo, Warsaw.

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  • Bay Bridge: One morning in San Fransisco, a traveller look at the Bay Bridge through the her hotel room's window

  • Tokyo Heights: Travellers have lunch on top of a Japanese sky scraper. (Tokyo, Japan)

  • Night work: A traveller works on her laptop in a parisian apartment. (Paris, France)

  • Bedtime: A traveller put her baby to bed looking at the sea. (Sandown, Isle of Wight, UK)

  • Morning Routine: Family breakfast overlooking Tokyo Bay. (Tokyo, Japan)

  • Seated on top: A traveller overlook Warsaw from her hotel room. (Warsaw, Poland)

  • Tokyo Bay: Traveling with a baby give good opportunities to capture the world through a different angle. Looking over Tokyo Bay from bed is a unique experience.

  • Lunch with a view: A traveller takes a break with her baby in a noodle fast food restaurant. (Tokyo, Japan)