the cost

Violeta Capasso

2009 - 2019

Argentina; Buenos Aires, Argentina

I started photographing in 2009, when I was 15 years old. I had different 35mm cameras to experiment and my first years of registering everything I felt and saw ended up becoming part of my current body of work -- 10 years later.

Between 2009-2019 I went through different experiences: dozens of relationships, friendships, romance, the death of a bond / sexual awakening: from my first time to abuse / a psychiatric diagnose and its medication / long, chemical nights and mornings filled with sun / friends i've lost / my country, my barrio, the body I embrace that's my daily territory and in this years it has lost - gained weight and filled with tattoos / no hair, short hair, long hair / addiction and sobriety.

I have seen and I have photographed visceral moments of my life, also dreamy lovely moments where there's no peace at all -- I believe my images come from the moment previous a disaster is approaching. And sometimes, from the aftermath.

When I look at the images from my early youth to my twenty somethings I see how my gaze and the sense of why-I-register-everything have developed, but deep down, subjects are the same : healing takes a lot of time.

This is a work in progress about the process of growing up.

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