Ola Walków

2014 - Ongoing


„You’re cool and pretty” my little cousin wrote me once. As I observed

Magda closely I found the coolness and prettiness in her as well. In all honesty,

every person can be “cool and pretty”, you just have to be able to see it.

People are born every day and each of them is different, special, unique, but

sometimes people can be unbelievably similar, have the same fears, habits,


Usually it happens with family members. It’s not only about physical resemblance,

it’s more about that certain something that means people are close to

one another.

It’s easiest to see the similarities and the bond in the important time of adolescence,

when we leave childhood behind and enter the adult life.

I’m fascinated by that moment, that time, that “momentary body.” It’s a fleeting

moment, but we remember it for the rest of our life.

This is what my relationship with Magda. She’s my kindred spirit. Sensitivity,

kindness, naivety make everything more difficult.

As I look at my cousin, I see myself at that age.

We have the same awkward gestures, look around with fear and uncertainty, we

curl up in ourselves, we feel lesser, we slouch like we’re ashamed of our bodies.

Do you know how amazing it is, to look at yourself and be able to analyse it so


Adolescence is beautiful, but it’s hard and fleeting at the same time.

I wish she never had to grow up and that she always remained so cool and so


The studio photos present symbols of the similarities, traumas, gestures and experiences

of Magda that echo my own. Milk spots, slouching, our love for corn

puffs. In one photo I try to dress my cousin in my experience from the time. My

thighs were scalded with hot tea. Magda thankfully doesn’t have those scars, but

has and will have others, remnants from the time of adolescence.

Other photos were taken at home, in a safe space. Through the atmosphere of

the photos and the gently filtered light I wanted to show the side of adolescence

I’m not creating just merely observing.

I analyse her struggles with physicality, shame, loneliness and sadness. Why is

she always so thoughtful and sad?

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  • Girls Power

  • Grandma support

  • Vermeer

  • tangle legs/ sketchbook

  • my scars

  • screenshots with gestures from the video

  • lactose intolerance

  • sketchbook (around 100 pages we created together)

  • bubble

  • "Jesteś fajna i ładna" polish/ "You are cool and pretty" english. She wrote me this.

  • galaxy at home

  • corn puffs with the saliva

  • My cousin is more beautiful than yours

  • Her favorite position. Mine favorite positiom

  • Sketchbook with her homework

  • curved lines

  • Shyshe