sillas cerca

Valeria Sigal

2018 - Ongoing

This series entitled "sillas" (chairs), had its beginnings in the first months of the year 2017.

"The body awaits its disappearance, the chair awaits someone to appear."

The work showed the body as material proof of existence and the chair as the place that the body inhabits and that remains even when it has disappeared (there were also images of empty chairs).

In the middle of the year 2018, after almost a year without making images for this project, I return to it and the portraits begin to surprise me, I no longer perceive absence and fragility but strength and presence. I stop seeing the irremediable waiting and begin to see existence. imposing of each person portrayed . The images presented here correspond to a small part of the second period.

At the moment there are more than 100 people portrayed, (their ages vary between 20 and 40 years approximately), most of them correspond to a generation in which I too am immersed, a generation that is pushing in favor of diversity, generating a break with the hegemonic parameters of beauty, health and gender.

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