Karachi_City of Eagles

Valentino Bellini

Karachi is one of the most populated cities on the planet, growing at an incredible pace. At the same time, it is also considered one the world's most violent places. Violent actions and attacks from terroristic organizations towards the different "control" systems protecting the city occur on a daily basis. An armed city, where the tension is obvious as much as it is clear that the militarization in order to protect the people, is an anomaly. This is a Karachi.

After years of economic stagnation and violence, in Karachi a new social class is growing. It is made of young people and adults, who are increasingly surrounded by symbols of that westernization that is so hardly fought against at a theoretical level, but that is increasingly present at a practical level in the uses and consumptions of the population. Just like in the consumptions, there are also considerable signs of change in the territory: an oversized built up area destined to house thousands of people coming from the country#39;s rural areas, enormous shopping malls filled with popular icons from the American market. It is the lightheartedness of a generation that wants and that has to try to go on with life, a generation that cannot afford to be influenced by violence and fear, a generation that wants to keep living, fighting and wants to fly high just like the eagles filling the sky over Karachi.

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