Rebuilding Iraq

Valentina Sinis

2018 - Ongoing

'Cultures that may seem as durable as stone can break like glass, leaving all the things that held them together unattended.' wrote Anthony Shadid. Iraq started its breaking after the U.S.-led invasion of 2003, which promised better lives for Iraqis after three decades of dictatorship. Fifteen years later, Iraq is mired in widespread instability, poverty and political corruption. For the Iraqis, trust lays only in their family and in their tribe. Nevertheless, Iraqi teenagers, constituting more than 70% of the Iraqi population, show a refusal to abandon their country. They do not want to give up hope and they want their country to be better. Among these young people, there are artists, emerging designers, intellectuals, photographers and influencers. They are rebuilding Iraq today. And we do not know how they live and what they think of the great topics of our time. This is the goal of my project.

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