Operation Jurassic

Roxana and Pablo Allison

2011 - 2015

United Kingdom

'Operation Jurassic' emerges from Roxana and Pablo’s urge to detach from the situation they were faced with when Pablo was arrested in 2010 as part of one of the largest police investigations on graffiti in the United Kingdom in recent times. Over the course of three years they both documented the process of the arrest, imprisonment and release. Such documentation proved to bind them closer together allowing them to retrace and understand a new stage in their relationship as siblings.

Pablo was imprisoned on the 8th November 2012 for conspiracy to commit criminal damage, an offence that involves an array of artistic values and skills. He was sentenced to nineteen months in custody of which he served five and a half months at two different prison facilities in London and the rest on house arrest. Pablo’s situation had an effect on his personal and social life and consequently on Roxana’s too.

The compilation of legal documentation, paperwork, letters, drawings, diaries and photographs depicting emotions and moments before, during and after the custodial sentence seeks to provide the viewer with an intimate approach of the process whilst raising questions upon freedom, graffiti and the criminal justice system in the UK.

To view the project visit: www.roxanaallison.co.uk/operation-jurassic

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  • Pablo and Roxana, Manchester, 1984

  • Looking back, looking forward, 2014

  • Pablo on his way to the solicitor's office with his girlfriend, London, Summer 2012

  • Letter to Roxana, 2012

  • After Pablo's visit, Manchester, 2011

  • Wormwood Scrubs, 2006

  • Untitled, 2012

  • Case file opening note, 2012

  • The arrest / The raid, 2010

  • Wormwood Scrubs, Winter 2012

  • Wormwood Scrubs, 2006

  • From court to prison, Sweatbox view, 2012

  • Diary, Self-portrait, Pablo, Wormwood Scrubs, 2012

  • Diary, Tree sketch from cell window, Wormwood Scrubs, 2012

  • Picture of tree outside prison taken by Roxana, Wormwood Scrubs, 2013

  • House arrest, London, 2013

  • Uncertainty and anxiety, Manchester, 2011

  • Sketch, 2013

  • Cell, Wormwood Scrubs, 2006

  • Home curfew device, 2013

  • Return to reality, 2013

  • Spring, 2013

  • Things to do list, 2013

  • Welcome home, 2013

  • After the sentence hearing, 2012

  • Limbo, 2013