My childhood

Umberto Verdoliva


"Mon Enfance" deals with the theme of memory which is very dear to me.

They are family images, at the time of a childhood, mine, carefree and unrepeatable. They come from super 8 films, small and revolutionary cameras that have had the power to testify and deliver faces, people and moments of family life up to now.

I recovered those films, those not irremediably attacked by time, I projected them on the white wall of the house and I photographed with my camera the most significant scenes that flowed under my eyes. Today I can say that for me it is a touching tale of a time when one was rich without being aware of it. I believe that this work is more than a private story, it is the cross-section of a society that, starting with the family, hardly exists anymore. Memory is everything. The man without memory is as if he had never lived. And that's why I share the images.

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