ursula groos

2019 - 2020

Everyone has thought about what it feels like to be buried alive. I

experienced it. I was completely paralyzed for 13 minutes and could not

hear or see. I had no hope of being rescued and I was ready to die.

During a ski tour in Norway, I was submerged by an avalanche.

It was the final ski run of my week-long ski trip. The slope was steep,

the guide decided we should go down individually. After the guide went

down first, he gave the signal for the next skier.

I was number three. The avalanche caught me from behind as it tore me

and buried me. Then my world went dark and quiet. I felt no pain,

thought I could get up and shake off the snow. But I was completely

enclosed, unable to move, even not one finger for a millimeter.

I had no idea how deep I was buried in the snow or if the other

participants of the ski tour were also submerged.

After several panic attacks, I accepted the situation. We all have to die.

It's unusual for me to use personal experiences for my art because my

art traditionally looks at the world around me. However, this traumatic

event, I make an exception. I was asked so many times to describe the

situation and describe my feelings.

I am a photographer, my language is pictures.

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