Fatalistic tendency

Tushikur Rahman

2010 - 2013

There is one place in which one’s privacy , intimacy , integrity and inviolability are guaranteed. one’s body and mind , a unique temple and a familiar territory of sense and personal history , space and time are warped by sleep deprivation, the frequent outcome of anxiety and stress. Gradually, one who wishes to suicide loses his mental resilience and sense of freedom. He feels alien and objectified - unable to communicate, relate, attach or empathise with others. He / she floating in the dreams and eventually fleeting in the sky. The taste of suicide. The true sensation. He feels - the extreme fantasy.

I could never write a diary, thinking about the things which should be written in a personal diary was the most difficult part for me. Making this photo story was like writing a personal diary about my past, this time I also felt the same difficulty. Thinking about those time is still a difficult part for me.

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