Ramon, an alien erosion crique

Matya Shick

2018 - Ongoing

This is a collection of compelling aerial photographs that describe Ramon—the world's largest erosion cirque located in Israel. This is a landscape that has been transformed over the millennia by a receding ocean, rivers and wind. I use my camera to document this unusual topography from a unique perspective—these images provide a greater understanding of the immense scale of this formation.

I chose the vantage point of aerial photography which allows me to combine two of my great passions: flying and photographing.

The aerial photography is taken mainly from a light, twin-engine plane, Air Cam, which has been developed and adjusted especially for National Geographic.

The perspective and the high angle present a broad vista of powerful and fascinating Israeli landscape in which seasonal, geological and ecological changes take place. I find inspiration in the amazing palette of colors nature uses in order to ‘paint’ the landscape of Israel.

I document the dissonance between the remarkable landscape texture and the seasonal ecological process of the land and highlight the changing nature goes through in order to achieve a new ecological balance, thus letting the region go on surviving.

I welcome you to relate to the emotions and the

energy that I felt when I took the shot as if you were present there with me.

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