TORPOR - PhMuseum


Torsten Schumann

2020 - 2021

Am I dreaming? Or is it a reality? Or can I not always properly separate the two? That's how it feels to me, at least in part, after I traveled into the unknown in early 2020. Suddenly, from the other side of the "world", I now continue to think about what was familiar to me before, and at the same time, I let myself get involved with my environment in China, which is new, exciting and still foreign to me. Although I feel in different places (in Europe and since the end of January 2020 in China) as well as at different times in each case a different resonance of my environment, this is for me at the latest then no longer relevant at all when everything connects in my dreams.

Torpor (lat. torpeur) is a dream-like, physically inactive state. By lowering their body temperature and metabolic rate, animals use torpor to conserve energy. It is possible that I, too, sometimes find myself in torpor, the floating, dream-like waking-sleeping state.

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