Torsten Schumann

2020 - Ongoing


Am I dreaming? Or is it a reality? Or can I not always really separate the two? That's how it feels for me, at least in part, since I travelled to China in early 2020. And unlike what I had originally planned, I'm staying much longer and getting involved in what is still a new and exciting environment for me. In my dreams, the places and memories mix with the new. It balances dream and reality. Sometimes it just depends on which side I am looking at or being looked at by everyday life and objects on the street.

TORPOR (lat. torpeur) is a dream-like, physically inactive state. By lowering their body temperature and metabolic rate, animals use torpor to conserve energy. It is possible that I, too, sometimes find myself in torpor, the floating, dream-like waking-sleeping state.

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