Mauricio Toro Goya

2014 - 2015

Oaxaca, Mexico

In a series of ten ambrotypes made in Chile and Mexico, the author uses as a visual resource "the exvote", a plastic expression of religious features that acts on one side as an offering to the divinities, thanking for the favours received, and at the same time, it is the photographic witness of the miracles conceded. Inspired on the great masters of the Baroque painting, Toro Goya gives protagonism to color, shining by hand each one of the ambrotypes, and thus individualizing each element put on scene.

The devotional images in the series "Milagreros" reach a kind of delirious baroquism, prevailing in them a tension between the stylistic elements, in which the valuation of the disorder and chaos idea, the preminence of the labrynthine, the importance of the detail and the overabounding of significants get conjugated among them. the author appeals to parody in order to question the prevailing sociopolitical model in a great part of Latin America.

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  • Adelita I prefer the enemy
    I mistreated her, I don´t even know her name, but I love her.The federals had us surrounded. I entrusted to my Holy Mother , a strong sound of a bullet was heard. She killed him. Today we have one less enemy. Thanks, Ramon.

  • My Fifteen Long live King Christ
    I don´t want my girls to become queens. Father Felipe loves them and protects them. My neighbour´s son was killed in Ayotzinapa. The night on which the elder girl became fifteen, sorrow came to me. Next day I had to go to Arizona to go on with the job. I asked King Christ to protect my family and the little priest.. Into your hands, José Alfredo.

  • Devine AntiChrist, Hermaphrodite Vanity
    The melody of the piano in the room couldn´t prevent my idea of cutting off my penis with my knife.
    Josefa wanted to cut my hair. I entrusted to evil, I commanded my beauty into its hands. I have seen that others want to be like me and so they acquire tits. I thank you Devine AntiChrist , I prefer my misery, María Jesús.

  • Dryback, the american dream.
    We need to go to Chile , make contact with Claudia. We take with us two rocks , the Desert of Atacama is very hard.. We were crossing the Altiplano, Pablo got lost, I couldn´t find my way under the sand storm, I entrusted to the Saint Malverde. Today we killed two, I soon will accomplish my dream. Thankful. Carlos Alberto.

  • Muxe Two for the throne
    On December´s eve Emiliano asked me for the throne, I said no to him.
    Pilar shouted a lot, becoming confused with the hot noises of the night.
    The midwife said :"It comes in a bad way", I entrusted to San Sebastian. I couldn´t tell if it was a boy or a girl. I thank you , Pancho

  • Pillan, Mapuche nation.
    Santiago erupts into conflict , I was locked in Temuco for wishing to regain my lands. i see in the newspaper that my son Lautaro and his couple Guacolda deal with the conquerors. I have prayed to Pillan to unchain his fury and help me survive behind bars. Chaltumay, Galvarino.

  • Pichinga The Holy Family
    I was locked in the dungeon , arrested for having drunk some bottles of wine. It was the Big Feast of Andacollo.
    Last night I knew I was not the father. I tried to hang myself , the semen of those who commit suicide is not useful.
    My wife María entrusted to the Virgin of Andacollo. A beam shone the place, I repented.
    I thank my Chinita, José.

  • Pitao Cozobi, Blond from Monsanto
    The milpa was getting dry, the tlayudas stuck to the comal.In the sowing the seed had a different color.The elotes began to die, the image of Pitao Cozobi appeared next to me. I thank you Gringo Blond Monsanto for the money you paid for these lands which have no value at all.

  • Ramona, Fatherland or death
    Ramona died in the front, the revolution called her to fulfill her duty. First in Chiapas, then in Oaxaca. Those were the days of the Shout.
    I asked Benito and the Holy Feath to take me with her, I don´t know how to live without her love. Today I don´t have her weapon and I wait for my departure Juan Diego.

  • All the Saints, The Orgy
    I had spent forty years upon the stages, I had left no friends alive. The bohemianism was not the same , now they shout at me; "You old fucking man!". I invited all the saints to my farewell. Suddenly I was in purgatory, the virgins had different skin colors. The Saint was fat and sat on a wheelchair, San Maradona had a bodyguard, the pedophilian priest cajoled girls with golden apples, the pink pig escaped from the banquet, San Expedito came late and wasn´t able to save San Sebastian. We the gays always have bad luck in this nasty Latin society. I have returned from death.